Refined Outdoor Lighting

Landscape Lighting in Scottsdale

Los Gatos, Scottsdale, AZ

Landscape Lighting Design & Installation

For this landscape lighting design, we chose to take a different approach and utilize down lighting in place of path lights, and boy did it turn out great! Using the FX Luminaire Vine Light fixture in natural copper, we were able to hide the source of light high up in the trees, creating silhouettes of the tree branches all along the drive. This technique is useful to implement when you want to avoid the common problems path lights may create. We then used our favorite Brilliance Silver Green LED's to light the towering saguaros coupled with the FX Luminaire RS up light in 2700K to highlight the face of the home, the courtyard gate, and all of the homes unique features.

Desert Highlands, Scottsdale, Arizona

Landscape Lighting Design & Installation

Located in the hills of Desert Highlands in Scottsdale, Arizona, this large and stunning property was illuminated by a total of 79 lights. Looking to stand out, the homeowner wanted a unique fixture. Voila! The new Bollard lights at Nightscaping USA. This project was our first time using the Spiral Bollard fixtures, and to say we are satisfied would be an understatement!

North Scottsdale, Arizona

Landscape Lighting Design & Installation

Another stunning Scottsdale home and landscape lighting design! Here we implemented the use of the FX Luminaires RS up light and RL accent fixture to highlight the face of the home, courtyard, and surrounding desert foliage. The homeowner was looking for an exterior lighting design to accommodate his needs, all the while staying dark sky compliant. To accomplish this, we went with a staggering technique, (evenly-lit but not flooded with light), within his front yard by uplighting the Joshua trees and surrounding desert cacti, giving a sense of his property line. For the backyard, we used a combination of down lighting for the walkways and uplighting to provide the yard with a bit of depth beyond the retaining back wall.

Scottsdale, AZ

Landscape Lighting Repair, Conversion & Re-design

This lovely home in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona was our first landscape lighting repair, LED conversion, and re-design. The homeowners original lighting system wasn't working correctly with multiple lights out and fixtures in random spots of the yard. We were able to diagnose the problem as a connection break and fix the issues with our high quality, fail-proof, King Ace connections. Once the repair was complete, we then converted the system to LED, moved the placement of the pre-existing fixtures, and added new fixtures to complete the re-design.

Boulder Heights, Scottsdale

Landscape Lighting Repair, Conversion & Re-design

This elegant new build hidden in the hills of Boulder Heights required a touch of subtle for the backyard design with a more prominent look in the front. We illuminated the home’s exterior back wall and foliage using the FX Luminaire RL accent fixture creating a warm glow throughout. Then coupled it with the matching GT path light fixture to illuminate the ground along the base of the home. We then carried this look of path lighting to the front and married it with the use of up lights on the façade of the home and surrounding cacti.

Terravita, Scottsdale

Landscape Lighting Design & Installation

This beautiful home located in the Terravita golf course community is a returning client of ours. We transformed their Rio Verde home and they requested we do the same to this lovely property as well. Using the ever-stunning Nightscaping 2x2 Bollard in Spiral we were able to stretch the visual space of the front courtyard and walkway.

The Preserve, North Scottsdale

Landscape Lighting Design & Installation

Located amongst the desert hills in The Preserve in North Scottsdale, this hidden gem comes to life once the sun begins to set. We had the honor of working closely with our client to produce a landscape lighting design that featured a combination of both downlighting and uplighting within the trees. By lighting the face of the home, we created a silhouette of cacti and various shrubs throughout.


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