Refined Outdoor Lighting

Landscape Lighting in Phoenix

Central Phoenix, Arizona

Landscape Lighting Design, Laser Lighting & Installation

This stunning oasis, located in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, is one of our favorite landscape lighting installations to date. We knew highlighting the face of the home would dramatically enhance the natural stonework, and we were not disappointed with the end results! The large wrap around driveway was illuminated by our trademark downlighting technique using FX Luminaire's VL lights, creating the beautiful tree branch silhouettes.

Moon Valley, Phoenix, Arizona

Landscape Lighting Design & Installation

This mountainside Moon Valley home is very special to us because we had the privilege of owning complete creative control of the lighting design. Using the FX Luminaire Rotondoluna accent fixture, we chose to highlight the yards natural retaining rock walls to create a stunning silhouette effect. Paired with our signature up lighting of the palm trees and towering mesquite trees, we were able to transform this dark Phoenix landscape into a stay-cation of luxury. The homeowners were so stunned by the new beauty that the lighting brought to their home; it compelled them to share our work with their neighbors, bringing about lifelong friendships.

North Phoenix, Arizona

Landscape Lighting Design & Installation

We had the opportunity to highlight the features of this charming yard in the heart of north Phoenix. One of our challenges for this quaint backyard was the inoperative pre-existing deck lighting. Due to the style the yard possessed, we knew implementing the pre-existing deck lighting was an absolute must. Our expert lighting installers were able to bring the forlorn fixtures back to life with some tinkering and a bit of electrical artistry. The results were a delighted customer with a newfound love for her back yard oasis.

Moon Valley, Arizona

Landscape Lighting Design & Installation

This lovely home located in Moon Valley was a special treat to design. We highlighted the home's simple features by using FX Luminaire RS up light fixtures throughout transforming their backyard space into an inviting late-night oasis. We were able to revive the preexisting deck lighting with a bit of lighting artistry and voila! While photographing this gem we stumbled across a family of raccoons too, a special treat indeed.


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