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Commercial Landscape Lighting

Commercial outdoor lighting brings a whole new reality to the corporate world by showcasing the importance of making the right impression with the correct lighting. More business owners now recognize that the right commercial lighting can keep their company front and center, both day and night. As a licensed full-scale commercial outdoor lighting company, we provide business owners, property managers, and commercial properties alike with professional commercial grade low voltage landscape lighting design and service. Here at Refined Outdoor Lighting, our professional and trained team uses the latest technology in energy-efficient outdoor LED lighting fixtures and products making the process of designing outdoor and accent lighting for business owners in Arizona easy and affordable.

Why Low Voltage Lighting?

Low Voltage commercial landscape lighting can help businesses save money, increase the visibility of their organizations and bolster security efforts. With the average business spending about 10% of its total electricity budget on overall lighting efforts, according to the U.S Energy Information Administration. It is no wonder more businesses that are looking to decrease their energy consumption choose to opt for commercial low voltage LED lighting. Far more efficient than the standard halogen bulb, LED’s are affordable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain, making the chore of regular bulb changes practically nonexistent. In addition to energy savings and minimal maintenance, LED’s allow for an array of customization options like motion control and dimming capabilities, making their application ideal for businesses of all sizes and in all locations.

Benefits of A Good Commercial Landscape Lighting Design

Commercial landscape lighting design incorporates all the ways that a business can shine, from offering the best in security to showcasing the elements of the natural and architectural beauty unique to each property. If you are thinking about landscape lighting for your commercial property, a little knowledge about lighting can go a long way. The best way to assure you get the most energy-efficient, money-saving and thoughtful lighting system for your money is to hire a designer to help you. Cross-trained in multiple parallel industries, our owner, Patrick Ryan, and designers have the knowledge and experience necessary to help achieve an innovative design tailored to your business. Whether it is safety, security, or curb appeal, we can help!


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