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Landscape Lighting Maintenance

Expert landscape lighting installation is the first important step in creating a system that will last for years to come. The second step is to care for your lighting system properly. A landscape lighting system should be viewed as an investment; it improves the safety of your property and increases its value. And like all investments, it must be maintained to continue to function correctly at peak performance. Our maintenance programs provide you the assurance that your system will continually bring you years of lasting enjoyment.

Our landscape lighting maintenance programs for communities and homeowners include pre-existing, halogen, and LED lighting systems, individual service calls for accidental damages, and options for servicing, rehabbing, or upgrading systems installed by other contractors.

What To Expect

We arrive with our trucks fully stocked, allowing us to adjust and re-position your fixtures while also checking amperage and voltage to ensure the system remains functioning at its highest level; you will never even have to change a bulb!

Our maintenance services include monthly, quarterly, and annual inspections tailored to your needs. Below is a comprehensive list of what our lighting technicians can do for you to protect the beauty and performance of your system.

  • Inspect overall system
  • Remove any mulch or debris that could impact light output
  • Replace any defective parts covered by warranty
  • Conceal any exposed wire due to foot traffic or erosive conditions
  • Clean fixtures and lenses (underwater lights included)
  • Remove lamps and clean socket contacts
  • Replace lamps per schedule or as necessary
  • Adjust fixtures as necessary for maximum effect
  • Inspect transformers, trip and reset all breakers
  • Check and adjust time clocks and photocells
  • Recommend repairs, improvements, and additions to your lighting system

Tips for Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

The elements surrounding a lighting system continue to change and grow with time. Despite taking precautions using the best materials and installation practices, your lighting system still has exposure to the outer elements. Dirt, debris, and foliage accumulate while people and animals come into contact with fixtures that can knock them out of alignment. Therefore, it is essential to have your system cared for and adjusted accordingly with regular landscape lighting maintenance over time.

Our maintenance programs help give your system the extended life they deserve. However, for those who wish to take maintenance into their own hands, here is a comprehensive list of what you can do to keep the integrity of your system up to par.

*** Always remember to disconnect your landscape lights from the electrical source before cleaning or performing maintenance tasks! ***

  • Cut back plants and foliage. Clear any obstructing plants or foliage by trimming and pruning as needed. This will assure optimal light output and help to avoid damage to your fixtures caused by overgrowth.
  • Remove debris from fixtures. Remove all debris from in and around your lighting fixtures. This may include mud, dirt, fallen leaves, grass trimmings, or debris from insects. Clearing the debris helps improve illumination, lengthen your fixtures' lifespan, and helps avoid fire hazards (this is especially important for older halogen lamp systems).
  • Check fixtures for damage. Inspect your fixtures for broken glass lenses, corrosion, or other visible damage. Replacement parts can be found at your local hardware or landscape supply store.
  • Look for exposed or damaged cables. Low voltage wires, even professionally installed, can become exposed which can cause damage to your system. This can occur due to high traffic, corrosive weather, animals, and even people. Be sure to check any exposed wire lines for damage before reburying them. If you are not sure or are not comfortable checking for damage, please call or contact a professional landscape lighting company to assist you.
  • Replace bulbs. Halogen systems require you to replace the bulbs annually. It is recommended to do so in "groups" instead of as needed. This is to keep the color temperatures the same and avoid amperage overload to the line. LED landscape lighting systems do not require changing the bulbs yearly or nearly as often. Most companies provide a warranty. However, older styles or cheaply made LEDs may lack the brilliance and luminosity needed for your system, thus requiring an upgrade.
  • Clean metal or plastic components. To clean your fixtures, be sure to use a polish specifically formulated to the type of material your fixture is. When in doubt, soap and water with a soft cloth always works best. Be sure your lighting system is powered off before attempting to clean or remove debris from inside your fixture.
  • Clean glass lenses. Be sure to clean the glass lens tops last with a soft cloth and soap and water. You can use CLR and a Brillo pad to clean the harder spots of the glass lens.
  • Check and adjust fixture position. The fixture position is often over-looked and possibly the most important aspect of the fixture’s application. A small level is a handy tool to have when adjusting the position of path lights that may have been knocked slanted. Be sure to also check any fixtures in the grass or other lights that may have encountered landscaping equipment.

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