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Landscape Lighting Repair

Gardens and landscapes live, breathe and change, and sometimes lighting systems can stop working. Perhaps a wire is cut or the transformer has stopped working? It might be time to contact a landscape lighting repair expert to properly evaluate the issue.

Our team of landscape lighting specialists are happy to help when your outdoor lighting system develops an issue and is not correctly functioning. We offer free outdoor lighting repair consultations to assess the problem. Our certified technicians will walk you through and discuss precisely what is needed to help get your outdoor lighting system back to its properly functioning ways.

Our outdoor lighting repair services the entire Valley, including Phoenix, Scottsdale, and all surrounding areas. Call or send us a message to schedule a complimentary lighting repair consultation!

Does Your Landscape Lighting System Need Repair?

There are several reasons your lighting system could need repair, with poor connections being the number one problem. So, when should you repair your landscape lighting and when should you replace it? The best way to determine this is to schedule a free repair consultation with one of our certified technicians.

However, before calling a professional you can be sure to check for these common issues.

  • With the seasons changing you have noticed your lights are not coming on at the correct time. This may be due to the intermatic timer on your low voltage lighting system. A timer that is set to turn the lights on at dusk in the summer will likely need to be adjusted for the fall and winter months. If you are having trouble operating your timer, contact the lighting experts at Refined Outdoor Lighting.
  • Low voltage lighting systems only require 12V of electricity and therefore can be installed on a line with a GFCI switch. Be sure to check all your home’s bathroom electrical outlets for any tripped GFCI’s. If you find a GFCI outlet with the button raised (tripped) simply reset the GFCI by compressing the reset button.
  • Burnt Bulb. You noticed some of your lights are not working. Usually, the culprit is a burnt-out bulb. You will notice a dark coloration on the bulb and a broken filament on the interior. Replace as needed but be sure to turn off your lighting system beforehand to avoid electrocution. It is important when replacing a bulb to make sure you use the same beam spread, type of bulb (LED, halogen, incandescent), and light temperature (Kelvin) to keep the integrity of the original lighting design.
  • If all other steps have been addressed the last thing you can try is checking the power supply to the transformer. Locate your home’s fuse box (usually next to the transformer) and check for any tripped fuses.


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